Welcome to Bed & Breakfast Le Dune

The elegant Bed & Breakfast Le Dune is located in a modern private housing estate recently reorganized in San Pietro in Bevagna, marine of Manduria (TA).

The B&B is few kilometers far from the blue and clear sea, a unique place you'll hardly forget!

If you want to dive in the crystal waters of the Ionian,
if you want to appreciate and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine,
if you want to tan and a relaxing and entertaining at the same time,
where the car can also relax and be at rest,

because you have everything and more, handy and affordable to all,
come to the

Bed & Breakfast Le Dune.

Comfort is the key aspect that characterizes the holiday, to this end, the B & B Le Dune and Juniper, structures that insist on the same street just 150m long Susini and partly contiguous with each other, share their space and services. All guests will enjoy the products figs from the trees in the garden, the peppers, tomatoes and quant 'other the sun, the land of Salento and our garden offer.


You can also admire a plant now very rare for the size that has, the beautiful Juniper Secular (IV - V CENTURIES) characterizing the garden of the B&B.

The red juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus L.) is a shrub-like plant, found in Italy, belonging to the family Cupressaceae. It is a characteristic species of the Mediterranean.

It is carried erect as the common juniper, and may exceed eight feet in height.

It is distinguished by observing the common juniper leaves (needles), which have two white lines instead of a file called stomata.

Bed & Breakfast Le Dune, a modern facility, synonymous with Relaxation, Hospitality and Courtesy.